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nonconforming form

with over a decade spent researching sustainable best practices and the environmental impact of the construction industry, we lead by example. rather than planned obsolescence, plan for permanence. we like to think of our designs as heirlooms for future generations to enjoy and explore.  we employ atypical construction techniques: some ancient, while others are revolutionary. our goal is simple, to create premium artisanal products that are unlike anything you've seen.

otto's extensive background as planning and site manager at the architectural project: Arcosanti exposed him to revolutionary building practices. earth-casting replaces the wood used in much of concrete form building with a completely renewable and reusable medium: silt. by eliminating a majority of dimensional lumber and plywood from the landfills, we can cut back on large part of our carbon footprint. 

earth-casting gave inspiration to other opportunities to get creative with the form-making materials and the concept of fabric forming.  much like earth-casting, fabric forming is just beginning to get accepted by the construction industry but opens up a world of possibilities in casting organic shapes that are simply not possible with rigid materials like steel and wood.

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