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re:work spaces

rooted in renovation and restoration, ottocrete's design sensibility does not stop at new-builds or furnishings. we understand the underlying bones of your space may still be worth saving and you may simply want a new look. we take inspiration from timeless form and simplify the needless clutter that plagues so much of design. our approach streamlines use and puts emphasis on placemaking: a logical solution to respect the inert quality of a space.

Walter Gropius (founder of the bauhaus) wrote in 1922, ''An object is defined by its nature. In order, then, to design it to function correctly – a container, a chair, or a house – one must first of all study its nature: for it must serve its purpose perfectly, that is, it must fulfil its function usefully, be durable, economical, and 'beautiful.'"  

this mentality lays the foundation for the 'truth to materials' that drives our central practice. concrete is often exposed raw, wood species are selected intentionally for their natural qualities, metals are highlighted for their capacities to perform efficiently and patina. 

no idea is too large or small. all materials are not created equal. we hope our attention to detail and passions for tactile design is infectious.

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