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one of the oldest building methods that has remained largely unchanged.  others call it pisé, tapia, or hāngtǔ. pneumatically packing pulverized rock and stabilizer into steel forms. man-made sandstone.

allows the beauty of the material and process determine the fate of aesthetics.

provides a finished surface without any need for additional insulation or rain screen. 

surface texture, color, and overall performance easily customizable to suit your needs.

material palette can be 'of the site' and in symbiosis with surrounding nature.

FRC artifacts

new advances in fiber reinforced concrete mix design have developed a medium that out performs conventional concrete in every area of testing. Whether your idea needs a concrete that has tensile strength or a concrete that is thin and light weight, we have the solution to meet your needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and industry leading techniques, fiber reinforced concrete offers a future limited only by your imagination.




rooted in renovation and restoration, ottocrete's design sensibility does not stop at new builds or furnishings. we understand the underlying bones of your space may still be worth saving and you may simply want a new look. we take inspiration from timeless form and simplify the needless clutter that plagues so much of design. our approach streamlines use and puts emphasis on placemaking: a logical solution to respect the inert quality of a space.


non-conforming form

with over a decade spent researching sustainable best practices and the environmental impact of the construction industry, we lead by example. rather than planned obsolescence, plan for permanence. we like to think of our designs as heirlooms for future generations to enjoy and explore.  we employ atypical construction techniques: some ancient, while others are revolutionary. our goal is simple, to create premium artisanal products that are unlike anything you've seen.

want your own opus?



make your dream concrete!


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